Letter from the Bishop

Dear Friends in Christ,

Education is one of the most precious gifts parents can give to their children. Every parent wants their child to develop his or her unique gifts and talents in order to be the best that they can be. The goal of integrating religious truth and values in the daily life and learning of each child is the defining factor that distinguishes Catholic schools from other institutions of learning. In addition, our Catholic schools stress the fundamentals of academic achievement learned through hard work and sound study habits; they place high value on communication, listening and understanding. The academic and social discipline fostered in Catholic schools teaches virtues that cannot be taken for granted: honesty, tolerance, consideration and responsibility.

The values found in a Catholic school education are far-reaching and profound. Children learn in a supportive atmosphere where they aren’t afraid to do their best, and where their emotional spiritual lives are enriched.

I encourage you to browse this website to see the many advantages of a Catholic education and to learn about the success of Catholic schools. I invite you to visit our Catholic schools to see Gospel values of faith, compassion and truth interwoven throughout the teaching and learning that occur. I am sure you will discover that your child is worth a Catholic education.

Education in a Catholic school is an investment in your child’s future!

Faithfully in Christ,
Most Reverend Kevin J. Farrell, D.D.
Bishop of Dallas