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Making the Catholic School Experience Possible
The Charles and Elaine Sammons Tuition Assistance Fund, of the Dallas Diocesan Education Endowment Trust, was established
for the purpose of providing tuition assistance to parents who desire to educate their children in a Catholic elementary and/or secondary school owned and operated by the Diocese of Dallas or one of its parishes. Financial aid is available to eligible students accepted for admission and enrolled at one of these schools whose families can demonstrate the need for financial assistance in order to afford a Catholic school education.

To be eligible for tuition assistance, a family/student must:
Demonstrate financial need;
Meet the entrance requirements of the specific parochial/diocesan school;
Be accepted for admission to grades K–12 and enrolled in that school; and
Be current with all financial obligations due to any Catholic school within the diocese.

Secondary criteria for eligibility that may be considered include:
The child’s regular attendance;
The likelihood of the child’s long-term enrollment;
The participation of the parents in school activities as expected of all parents;
The family’s payment history; and
The student’s maintenance of an academic level consistent with school standards and individual abilities.

Financial aid is awarded without regard for race, religion, gender, or ethnic origin.

The funds are limited, therefore the following process will be used to best utilize the limited resources.

Application deadline is April 1st of the year applying for upcoming school year.

Application Instructions in English

Application Instructions in Spanish